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Let us help you take your project from concept to the post office. We have experienced staff that can help with each step along the way.

Whether it is a postcard, a letter, or a newsletter; whether it’s for a business, a sporting group, a school, or a religious organization, we are here for you. Target your own customer base, target a specific demographic of households, businesses or both, or target an area by zip code or radius. We can work with your data or help you to purchase data that fits your needs. We can prepare direct mail to be delivered to as few as 200 addresses or as many addresses as you would like. We will process your list through our Bulk Mailer program to get the cleanest, most current list possible. Bulk Mailer, using its CASS certification process, will give us zip+4 addresses and we can eliminate those that have bad addresses making them not mailable. We also offer the NCOA (National Change of Address) service for your mailing list which has recently become a requirement on all direct mail by the USPS. Both of these will save you money by not mailing to bad addresses.

Want to get more personal with your direct mail? If not handled correctly, direct mail can seem impersonal. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. First impressions and Variable Data Printing (VDP) are especially important in direct mail. VDP allows for printing customized promotional materials that could possibly double or even triple your direct mail response rates. We use XMpie for our variable data projects. Depending on the data you have for your customer base you can be very creative in getting them a personalized message. Don’t stop with just variable text, change your image depending on your data structure and you may be surprised with better rates of return.

We can digitally print your data directly on your mail piece as we print, we can print and address full color envelopes in one process, we can insert multiple pieces into envelopes, and we can tab self-mailers. We will do all the preparation work that is needed and deliver your direct mail directly to the post office.

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